Saturday, August 28, 2010

"You look nice.. where are you going all dressed up?"

Recently I've gotten into the AMC show "Mad Men". At first I was a little skeptical but I have to admit it's grown on me. There's just something about going back in time and observing the way Americans lived in the early 1960's. I often find myself daydreaming and placing myself into that phase of "Americana". The way they spoke, the foods they ate without fear, their homes and how meticulously they were maintained are all highlights of the well written show. But, there is an appeal to the show far outreaching the decor, plot or characters... the real star of the show is the wardrobe.

I can't help but notice that people actually got dressed back then! Yes, I know we all "get dressed" on a daily basis before we go about our days or else we would be arrested. I am talking about a different kind of "dressed" one in which requires more then rolling out of bed and picking out the easiest thing to throw on before we leave the house. Americans actually used to take pride in getting dressed. Wearing a dress or putting on a tie wasn't considered "too dressed up" it was your every day attire.

I heard somewhere that Europeans can always spot an American tourist by the way they dress. The American uniform is usually a pair of ill fitting jeans, sneakers (and not the cool ones that always look fresh out of the box), a t-shirt, more often then not a baseball cap and the cherry on top is almost always... the dreaded FANNY PACK! Yes, it's true... that's what they think of us. Can you blame them? I love being comfortable just as much as the next person but, I still don't understand the "pajama pants as outerwear" trend! LOL.

Ok, I see I am going off on a rant so let me wrap it up. I have been giving this some serious thought and I think it's time we get back to taking pride in our appearance again. I mean you have to admit, what we wear is such an expression of our personalities and it's ok to express yourself. If you are artsy and love wearing hats or cool boots then do it and do it well. If you are a conservative dresser then go for it! No matter what your style just embrace it and put your best foot forward with confidence! Maybe we can start a movement. Let's call it...


Who knows maybe we can create a national holiday! Wouldn't it be great if one day every year everyone looked their absolute best? How pleasant would that be on the eyes? Ok, I digress... lol.

Back to my inspiration "Mad Men". Here are some of the vintage looks I love...

Joan Holloway (Actress: Christina Hendricks)

I adore the fit and color of this dress. The necklace also adds visual interest and creates a flattering proportion. This look is a great reminder that your silhouette if what you should really take into account when choosing an outfit. How does the clothing compliment your figure and conceal things you don't love. There's no shame in accentuating your best features and flaunting your silhouette.

A great way to create a similar look is with a great fitted dress like this one from Nordstrom

The visual interest in the collar adds enough character so you don't need to add a necklace. A great pare of earrings would do!
I would mix it up a bit with a more modern pair since the dress is so vintage inspired.

This pair of "Mod Earrings" from Modern jewelry designer by boe would go great with this dress.

For simple sophistication wear a great pair of neutral pumps. I really like this pair from Cole Haan.

Or you can keep them guessing by adding a print to your look (that's what I would do) with a pair of sexy animal print pumps like these vintage inspired D'orsay peep toe stilettos from Steve Madden.

Sorry no link for this one.. these are from my closet.

I hope this inspires some of you to take it to the next level. I'd love to hear your thoughts on vintage styling and getting back to looking our best. Do you agree or disagree? Let's discuss! =)

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