Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mini or Maxi?

Now that it is mid July here in NY. There is no denying the heat. In this weather I love to wear dresses to stay cool while still looking pulled together. Recently I went dress shopping at REDRESS boutique in Brooklyn. I decided it was time to get some mini dresses (most of my dresses hit right above the knee or at the knee). These dresses are well above the knee at least for me...

I am definitely happy with my new dresses but it got me wondering... which length do most women prefer? Do you like Mini or Maxi dresses? I would love to hear which you like best and why. All comments welcomed!

Personally, I think I am more of a Maxi girl. While I love all dresses, there just seems to be more grace in a maxi dress. It's free flowing in the wind and you don't have to worry about ummm... "
exposure" when sitting down in public. LOL!


  1. Mini for looks, Maxi for comfort. Hot dresses!

  2. In terms of length, I just want it long enough so that there is something between me and the seat on the subway :)

  3. I prefer maxi's only because in the windy city, I don't want to be over exposed! hehe

    Love these looks on you. :)

    OH and BTW, you totally should let more people know that you have a blog!! :D

  4. First off, you look AMAZING Nikki. Like, just, amazing. I like both of these looks on you. For curvier women, I think the right length shorter dress (hesitant to say mini cuz some women take that to a new place) gets it just right. Both your images are a great example.

    I think a maxi dress can be elegant, summery, and boho depending on the print and fabric, but it can also accentuate the wrong places. Depending on the draping, I feel that it's easy to get into moomoo territory, so with a maxi I would wear a bolero, wrap, thick belt, or something to break it up. Note, I'm really working on my own style, so these comments are to be taken lightly, lol.