Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bloomingdales Fall 2010 Plus Size style guide...

Never... ever have I imagined wanting a faux fur vest. It just didn't seem to be my style. I mean after all, I don't usually wear vests, faux fur or the two together. But there is something about this that has made me reconsider. This is from the Bloomingdales Fall 2010 Plus Size style guide.

I honestly don't know what I expected from Bloomingdales this year but I can tell you I am pleasantly surprised. It seems the clothing is more youthful and stylish. There are more name brand designers in this guide then usual. I love that the clothing is mostly on trend with everything expected to come out in other lines this year. Some stand out pieces are the Michael Kors Fur vest mentioned above. I love it paired with the Michael Kors cargo pants and Sam Edelman "vancouver" lace up booties! The styling in this shot was spot on! I want the entire look!

I am loving this David Meister sequence dress. I can imagine wearing to a Holiday party or New Years eve celebration. I think it's effortlessly sexy.

I am not entirely sure I can pull off this David Meister leather skirt but I can tell you, I love having the option available to me!

Chic is a the perfect word to describe this Navy Elle Tahari dress. It's incredibly pulled together and alluring. The perfect dress to take you from day to night. I would pair with cognac brown or neutral toned heels and accessories.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"You look nice.. where are you going all dressed up?"

Recently I've gotten into the AMC show "Mad Men". At first I was a little skeptical but I have to admit it's grown on me. There's just something about going back in time and observing the way Americans lived in the early 1960's. I often find myself daydreaming and placing myself into that phase of "Americana". The way they spoke, the foods they ate without fear, their homes and how meticulously they were maintained are all highlights of the well written show. But, there is an appeal to the show far outreaching the decor, plot or characters... the real star of the show is the wardrobe.

I can't help but notice that people actually got dressed back then! Yes, I know we all "get dressed" on a daily basis before we go about our days or else we would be arrested. I am talking about a different kind of "dressed" one in which requires more then rolling out of bed and picking out the easiest thing to throw on before we leave the house. Americans actually used to take pride in getting dressed. Wearing a dress or putting on a tie wasn't considered "too dressed up" it was your every day attire.

I heard somewhere that Europeans can always spot an American tourist by the way they dress. The American uniform is usually a pair of ill fitting jeans, sneakers (and not the cool ones that always look fresh out of the box), a t-shirt, more often then not a baseball cap and the cherry on top is almost always... the dreaded FANNY PACK! Yes, it's true... that's what they think of us. Can you blame them? I love being comfortable just as much as the next person but, I still don't understand the "pajama pants as outerwear" trend! LOL.

Ok, I see I am going off on a rant so let me wrap it up. I have been giving this some serious thought and I think it's time we get back to taking pride in our appearance again. I mean you have to admit, what we wear is such an expression of our personalities and it's ok to express yourself. If you are artsy and love wearing hats or cool boots then do it and do it well. If you are a conservative dresser then go for it! No matter what your style just embrace it and put your best foot forward with confidence! Maybe we can start a movement. Let's call it...


Who knows maybe we can create a national holiday! Wouldn't it be great if one day every year everyone looked their absolute best? How pleasant would that be on the eyes? Ok, I digress... lol.

Back to my inspiration "Mad Men". Here are some of the vintage looks I love...

Joan Holloway (Actress: Christina Hendricks)

I adore the fit and color of this dress. The necklace also adds visual interest and creates a flattering proportion. This look is a great reminder that your silhouette if what you should really take into account when choosing an outfit. How does the clothing compliment your figure and conceal things you don't love. There's no shame in accentuating your best features and flaunting your silhouette.

A great way to create a similar look is with a great fitted dress like this one from Nordstrom

The visual interest in the collar adds enough character so you don't need to add a necklace. A great pare of earrings would do!
I would mix it up a bit with a more modern pair since the dress is so vintage inspired.

This pair of "Mod Earrings" from Modern jewelry designer by boe would go great with this dress.

For simple sophistication wear a great pair of neutral pumps. I really like this pair from Cole Haan.

Or you can keep them guessing by adding a print to your look (that's what I would do) with a pair of sexy animal print pumps like these vintage inspired D'orsay peep toe stilettos from Steve Madden.

Sorry no link for this one.. these are from my closet.

I hope this inspires some of you to take it to the next level. I'd love to hear your thoughts on vintage styling and getting back to looking our best. Do you agree or disagree? Let's discuss! =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

More Options for the NY Curvy Chicks!

POP UP PLUS is coming to NY on 9/16/10! I can't wait to check them out and just in time for Fall!

POPUP PLUS NY 09.16.10
Calling All NYC Curvy Girls !!!

Size 12 and up Plus Size Fashion and Fun!
Contemporary fall fashion from Michael Kors, DKNYC, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Cookie Johnson “CJ” jeans will be for sale. Pop up Plus will also feature emerging plus size designers.

Official opening Friday September 17, 6-9 pm

Open daily from September 16 til 26, 12-9 pm.

Here is some info from their Facebook page...
Company Overview:
Welcome to a new era in plus size fashion and entertainment. Introducing Pop Up Plus a plus size company that sets up fashion forward temporary stores in NYC. What is a pop up store? It’s an instant clothing shop set up in various venues for a set amount of time. Pop Up Plus Ny brings designer and trendy plus size fashion to our customers.

Well I for one know I can't wait to see what this "roving" retail store has to offer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breaking the "fashion funk"

I know it's been a while since my last post. I have to admit I've been in a bit of a fashion funk lately (yup it even happens to "The Style Chick"). I think it's time to re-vamp my wardrobe again and just get more versatile pieces in my closet. But today is a little different. I woke up determined to get out of my funk.

Here's are some tips to help you get out of your funk.... I figure if it works for me it should work for you!

Gauranteed to cheer you up or your money back! LOL.

1. Wake up early enough to put a little extra effort into your look.

2. Don't forget a hint of perfume or scented lotion to inspire you and make you smell just as beautiful as you're gonna look.

3. Pick out a pretty dress (I am suggesting a dress over separates because it's easy to throw on and still look pulled together. Plus who doesn't feel pretty in a dress? LOL).

4. Put on some heels. Yes, I know we all love to be comfortable. I live in the concrete jungle and no one ever tells you how hard that is on your feet! Never the less, it is possible to find comfortable heels, wedges or something to give you some height and make you feel sexy.

5. Pump up your look with some accessories. It doesn't have to matchy matchy but it should "go" with your outfit and create some visual interest. Don't be afraid to play with textures and patterns. Sometimes a textured belt on a simple dress can add a luxurious look. But, be sure to keep in mind what Coco Channel said... "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off". That's the best way to avoid looking too gaudy and over done.

6. Make sure your hair and nails look their best (within reason of course.. no need to go out and get your hair done or nail extensions) just be you! If your hair is pretty and straight then embrace it. If your curls are big and full then don't fight it! Being yourself is often the best look for you. Just make sure its pulled together and walk out with confidence!

7. Last but not least SMILE! After all you LOOK GREAT so you should feel GREAT and when you walk around wearing a smile people then smile back at you. Nothing can get you down now.

Feeling happy and carefree in my little white dress and new shoes from ALDO:

Dress: NY&CO

Sweater: NY&CO
Belt: NY&CO
Shoes: ALDO

My friend Danielle's style is also a source of inspiration to me and I just love her look today. Another great example of breaking the monotony!

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden

Now that's how you do flats ladies!

As you can see no need to spend big bucks to look your best!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marc Jacobs to do Plus sizes?

As most of your already know this blog is a place for fashionistas of ALL sizes so naturally news that a straight size designer brand may be expanding to what is so affectionately being called "above average" is definitely news worthy to me! Thanks to Madison Plus the world found out that Marc Jacobs may be expanding (no pun intended) his line to include plus sizes. I know I for one would love the option to buy Marc Jacobs even if it is a little outside of my price range.

I do feel the need to be honest here... while I covet many fashion lines I have to admit I know very little about Marc Jacobs. If I really think about it.. the most I really knew about Marc Jacobs was that he had some very functional, stylish and popular handbags. I mean why would I know much more then that? As a full figured woman his clothes were never an option for me. So, in light of this recent news, I took the liberty to really take a look at his line and let me tell you, I am sooooo excited now!!! Here are some of the pieces I would love to see in "plus size" and would definitely save up for if I was given the option...

I love the military styling and overall structure of this coat. It would be so refreshing to find a coat that actually has some cool embellishments and styling for curvy women.

I am a sucker for a well fitted feminine dress. If the fit was right I would definitely buy this!

Link to the breaking news:
Marc Jacobs to do Plus?

I am keeping my thoughts positive on this one, but I do have one BIG REQUEST... please, please please DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING about the style! All too often designers change the fabric, structure or embellishments of the clothes once they expand their sizes. Those kinds of changes tend to ruin the look of the clothing and turn off the customer they were trying to attract with the expansion in the first place. Invest in a great fit model and make sure the same quality is available to all of your customers. A formula like that can't fail... at least in my humble opinion.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Simple. Earthy. Beautiful. This is what comes to mind when I think of Janet Jackson's self titled Album "Janet". Yes, there are great memorable songs on that album like the infectious "That's the way love goes" and "If" which had the most imitated dance moves at the time, but what really made an impression on me was Janet's overall style.

The entire look was so earthy and simple. Her hair was naturally curly and highlighted. Her bronze makeup and beaded choker were perfectly paired the subtle sexiness of her outfits. This may have been the first time I truly admired her style. These are a couple of videos that best display Janet's influential look...

I would love to create photos that have the same overall vibe and style. I've never forgotten this video.

Janet Jackson - Again
Uploaded by liismari. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

So now that you know who one of my style icons is, who is one of yours? I'd love to hear from you!